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Table 1 Standardized factor loadings (CFA) of all items

From: The short version of the Metacognitive Prospective Memory Inventory (MPMI-s): factor structure, reliability, validity, and reference data

Item Std. factor loadings
Wave bc Wave bf
PMA 1: I forget to cancel contracts on time, like trial subscriptions for newspapers. − 0.48 0.40 − 0.54 0.33
PMA 2: I remember to run errands that need to be completed within a specific timeframe, like picking up my laundry from the dry cleaner before it closes. 0.49 0.30 0.48 0.29
PMA 3: If I’ve borrowed something from someone for a while, I remember to give it back to that person the next time we see each other. 0.60 0.33 0.56 0.32
PMA 4: I forget to call a friend again after I could not reach him or her on the first try. − 0.32 0.36 − 0.36 0.32
PMA 5: I receive overdue notifications because I forget to pay bills on time. − 0.42 0.44 − 0.45 0.39
PMA 6: I am able to remind myself of phone calls I need to make, such as calling a friend on his or her birthday. 0.61 0.31 0.62 0.30
PMA 7: I remember my appointments which are coming up in a few days without writing them down. 0.55 0.33 0.56 0.31
PMA 8: I do not send e-mails or letters on time, even when I wrote myself a reminder to do so. − 0.50 0.41 − 0.55 0.37
PMSi 1: Even when I’m busy doing other things, I deliberately try to keep unfinished tasks in mind so that I do not forget them. 0.56 0.59
PMSi 2: In the morning, I go through the day‘s tasks in my head so that I do not forget to remember something. 0.65 0.66
PMSi 3: When I have to complete steps in a specific order, such as when I am baking, I visualize the sequence of steps before starting. 0.57 0.58
PMSi 4: After completing a task, I check once again whether I took care of everything, like turning off the stove after cooking. 0.49 0.47
PMSi 5: In my mind, I make a list of things that I still have to complete. 0.67 0.70
PMSi 6: I think of my to-do list while I am busy doing something else, like washing dishes or working out. 0.67 0.71
PMSi 7: Before I go shopping, I picture where the products I need are located in the store, so that I do not forget to pick them up when I walk through the aisles. 0.51 0.50
PMSe 1: I write myself a to-do list to remind me of things that I still need to accomplish. 0.75 0.78
PMSe 2: I write shopping lists. 0.58 0.64
PMSe 3: When I have to take something with me the next morning, like a letter or a library book, I put it in my bag the evening before so that I will not forget it the next day. 0.48 0.49
PMSe 4: I keep a calendar with all of my appointments. 0.51 0.53
PMSe 5: To help me remember to do things, I stick “Post-It “notes in obvious places. 0.61 0.60
PMSe 6: I put things in prominent places so that I’m reminded of tasks I need to do (for example, putting a full trash bag in front of the door so I do not forget to take it out). 0.55 0.54
PMSe 7: For things that I need to do on a regular basis, I plan to do them at the same time each day (for example, always taking my medication in the evening before brushing my teeth). 0.40 0.38
  1. PMA prospective memory abilities, PMSi prospective memory strategies: internal, PMSe prospective memory strategies: external; wave names indicate the respective GESIS panel waves; the following fit indices refer to wave bc (bf): RMSEAPMA = 0.063 (0.066), CFIPMA = 0.949 (0.945), SRMRPMA = 0.033 (0.033), RMSEAPMSi = 0.078 (0.079), CFIPMSi = 0.944 (0.948), SRMRPMSi = 0.034 (0.035), RMSEAPMSe = 0.084 (0.078), CFIPMSe = 0.926 (0.941), SRMRPMSe = 0.039 (0.035); N = 4069 (3857); item loadings on a latent wording-effect factor