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Table 1 Item wordings of the original P-PSE scale

From: A translation and validation of the Perceived Political Self-Efficacy (P-PSE) Scale for the use in German samples

For each of the following items, please rate how confident you are in your ability to execute the specific action or behavior described.


State your own political opinion openly, even in clearly hostile settings.


Make certain that the political representatives you voted honor their commitments to the electorate.


Promote public initiatives to support political programs that you believe are just.


Maintain personal relationships with representatives of national government authorities.


Play a decisive role in the choice of the leaders of political movements to which you belong, or to which you are near.


Carry out an effective information campaign for the political movement or party with which you concur regarding beliefs and programs.


Actively promote the election of political candidates in which you trust.


Promote effective activities of information and mobilization in your own community (of work, friends, and family), to sustain political programs in which you believe.


Collect a substantial amount of money to sustain the activities of your party.


Use the means you have as a citizen to critically monitor the actions of your political representatives.

  1. Source: Caprara et al. (2009, p. 1007). Participants rate the items on a five-point Likert scale from “not at all” to “completely”. The scale-level P-PSE score is the arithmetic mean of the ten single-item scores. The scale can be administered as survey (online or offline) or interview (telephone or face-to-face)