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Table 1 Symptoms of ADHD defined in the TRF

From: Structural validation of the “Teacher’s report form” attention problems scale in a Brazilian sample

I1 Acts young
I4 Difficulties to finish
I8 Difficult to concentrate
I13 Confused
I17 Daydreams
I22 Difficult with directions
I49 Difficulty learning
I60 Apathetic
I61 Poor school work
I72 Disorganized work
I78 Inattentive
I80 Stares blankly
I92 Underachieving
I100 Fails to carry out tasks
HI2 Makes noises
HI7 Bragging, boasting
HI10 Can’t sit still
HI15 Fidgets
HI24 Disturbs other pupils
HI41 Impulsive
HI53 Talks out of turn
HI67 Disrupts discipline
HI73 Behaves irresponsibly
HI74 Showing off
HI93 Talks too much
HI109 Whining
  1. Prefix (I): inattention symptom; prefix; (HI): symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity. The numbers represent the order of the original version of the instrument