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Measurement Instruments in Corona Studies

Since the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, many surveys have collected data on the societal, psychological, and economic impact of the pandemic. To gather such COVID-related social science data, researchers needed to develop new measurement instruments and/or adapt existing ones to the new social reality as well as the need for contactless data collection

Measurement instruments in the European Social Survey

During its almost 20 years of data collection, the ESS has maintained the highest methodological standards in cross-national data collection. To evaluate the quality of these measures and the comparability across national versions, Measurements Instruments for the Social Sciences is seeking for papers for inclusion in this collection of articles. 

The Use of Test Scores in Secondary Analyses

Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences is launching a special issue on The Use of Test Scores in Secondary Analysis in order to promote an inter-disciplinary dialogue between scholars who design the psychometric models used to estimate latent skills and researchers that use these data to investigate policy-relevant questions related to skills formation, skill utilisation and returns to skill.


Measurement Instruments in the GESIS Panel

The GESIS Panel is a collection of measurement instruments. Some of these instruments were exclusively developed to be used in the GESIS Panel, whereas others represent established instruments that have been translated or adapted to replicate previous findings. This article collection aims at bringing together original studies from scholars of a diverse research community to address questions that include, but are not limited to, the secondary analysis of GESIS Panel data.

Publication started: 21 June 2019

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